Kale ‘n Flowers

After finishing my first official post last night, I couldn’t get my mind off artsdevivre all day…and found myself looking for beauty everywhere I went.  Not a bad way to walk through your day.  Let me tell you about the two things that won the prize today for most artful and beautiful.

1. One of my colleagues has a KALE garden on campus.  There are not many things that I love to eat more than leafy greens.  Make them local on top of it, and I could (almost, but not quite) cry for joy.  There are many perks to my new job, but endless, complimentary, freshly-picked kale is certainly now in my top five.

2. At first thought, walking in 100 degree weather does not strike me as “artful” or “beautiful.”  Words in the vein of “oppressive” or “unpleasant”, jump more quickly to mind.  The first half of the walk was just that:  Oppressive. Unpleasant. (Minus, of course, my lovely walking partners.)  After about thirty minutes or so, I consciously shifted focus from my sticky state to the fields surrounding me.  And behold!   I noticed the most charming field of white wild flowers sprinkled through with pink accents.  Shockingly enough, I missed this whilst focused on my sticky self.  I am not a cell-phone-attached-to-my-hip-at-all-times type, so unfortunately was not able to snap a picture.  But I do plan on returning tomorrow to recapture the beauty and share with you.

The moral of the story is (of course) that you never know when/where/under what conditions you’ll find art and beauty.  Just look for it!  It’s there!  I promise!

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