Thank god it’s friday?

My first Friday night in Cow Town is intimidating.  I’m sitting alone in my apartment listening to, of all music, David Gray.  A tad bit depressing.  While another glass of wine is a bit enticing, I don’t want it really…

Not being a social butterfly type, I didn’t think a somewhat regular Friday night in would bother me.  But I am quickly understanding that when your major social interaction of the week (outside work of course) involves a grocery store cashier, the weekend seems like it should be spent in civilization.

Even as I type, I sense my melodramatic side coming out.  So let me stop, pause and reflect on my daily dose of art and beauty.  After all, that is the point of artsdevivre.  In France, art de vivre is a central aspect of everyday life, and translates to the “art of living.”  After a chunk of time there, you’ll notice that art de vivre is omnipresent:  Most professionals leave the office every day to eat a real meal, in a restaurant, with cloth napkins.  Children children attend art exhibits too, and take advantage of kid-friendly (height and language) painting explanations.

Cultivating this life style at home is in the little things…using my grandmother’s antique china reminds me to sit down and eat a real meal.  My father’s 19th century America’s Cup photograph reminds me to take vacation.  My best friend’s unique decorating sense slows me down in antique shops, in search of the best plates and prints.  Although none of these people are or were Francophiles, my own Francophile-ness taught me to take an interest in what is around me and relish it.  Will I ever be a sailor like my father was?  Probably not.  But it makes me feel good to create an atmosphere that recognizes my past, creates beauty and slows me down.  Which when I think about it, is the whole point of the Cow Town experience (aside from getting to share my passion all day every day).  So Friday night, come get me.  I may not have plans like other normal late twenty somethings, but I’m ready to discover whatever beauty awaits.

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