Mirror, mirror on the wall. (antique plates & vintage photos, too.)

That end-of-summer angst that my educator friends described is now hitting.  Sshh- please don’t tell my students, but I’m a procrastinator.  I thought I was somewhat prepared until I realized that school starts a week from this Wednesday.  And what am I doing?  Blogging.

At least I’m consciously spending every day looking for art and beauty rather than letting this stress consume me.  One thing that allows me to express my own (very under-developed), artistic side is the decor with which I surround myself.  Once again, mom inspired me with a wonderful quote from a man named William Morris: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or beautiful.”

It is entirely possible I was the only one that did not know about Mr. Morris, but in case others haven’t heard of him, he was a 19th century English architect, designer, artist, writer and political figure.  Very impressive.  Here are some examples of his work:

A rare Morris painting (that now lives in the Tate). Usually described as Guinevere, this is actually Iseult.

A rare Morris painting (that now lives in the Tate). Usually described as Guinevere, this is actually Iseult.

A beautiful silvery-blue fabric design.

A beautiful, silvery-blue fabric design.

I love the detail, warm colors and elegance that characterize Morris’s work.  I hope that Morris would approve of my own little apartment.  I cannot take credit for the soothing, pastel-blue walls, but was certainly ecstatic to find them on move-in day.  I will however, take credit for the antique plates, vintage family photos and gilt-framed mirrors that adorn said walls.  Of course, my apartment isn’t finished just yet.  I need multiple pieces of furniture, additional kitchen supplies and the perfect decor for the wall I see every time I look up from the keyboard.  But like my lesson plans (and like me), it’s a work in progress.

2 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall. (antique plates & vintage photos, too.)

  1. Hilary,

    Reading your blog is making me realize that we have even more in common than I knew. Not only do I share your affinity for greek yogurt, antique china and fresh leafy greens … I also understand the joy you take in finding beauty in everyday things.

    Please keep these blog posts coming …


  2. Hil!

    It’s such a pleasure to reading you! With this blog, I feel you are alittle closer to me and my new life.
    It looks like you and your articles remind me how our art de vivre was the same in Paris.
    And it seems like we had the same needs of writing and sharing as I made a blog too! It’s not finished yet but of course you can visite it : http://thefunkyboulette.blogspot.com/
    Keep writing, smiling in front of flowers, keep your eyes wide openned, beauty may be just over here…
    Profites de la vie!
    Tu me manques,


    PS : what a lovely pic of you bella!

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