Setting sun peace.

I readily admit my lack of objectivity in regards to my apartment decor described in yesterday’s post.  Of course it constitutes art and beauty for me because I designed it.

What I can be objective about is the setting sun’s unquestionable beauty.  I admire its descent to bed as it sets behind the building  diagonal from mine at the end of every sultry summer day.  The air magically cools down just enough to allow turning off of window units, turning on of ceiling fans and opening of front doors.  (At least for someone trained in the no-air conditioning oasis that is continental Europe.)

The open door welcomes in a warm, buttery, end-of-day light that falls across my blue living room and wraps my two kittens and me in a little cocoon.  I sit in the red and white striped chair on the left and obsess over artsdevivre, while they migrate between the window in the front room and the back of my chair.

All is quiet save the crickets’ chirping, the dogs’ barking, and the birds’ squawking.  Usually I play some music to complete the idyllic scene: current favorites alternate between Carla Bruni, the Marie Antoinette soundtrack and the Fleet Foxes.  I usually have a glass or three of white wine next to me as I attempt to take in and process everything that constitutes my new lives, both professional and social.

Yesterday’s angst is still there.  In fact, it is becoming more urgent with each minute that ticks off the clock.  In my own way (no, my lesson plans are not yet complete), I am preparing.  That beloved attention to detail I learned in my home away from home helps me feel peaceful.  Little things like color coding my complicated schedule that includes recitation periods, free periods and year book periods, or finally figuring out how to network my computer to the printers or making lists.  I have no illusions of grandeur, and know I won’t get everything done as perfectly as I’d like.  But that’s ok.  I’m not too worried because even though I know there’s beauty to be found in the details, I also know there’s infinite beauty to be found in the unknown.

p.s. I found the cows today.  I knew they were there =)

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