What?! No t.v.?!

Sshhh.  Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t have a television.  No, I am not one of those weird people that wasn’t allowed to watch it growing up, but I just never happened to be the t.v. provider  in the roommate equation.  So now that I’m flying solo, I am t.v.-less.  One of my brothers is sure I’ll have one before Christmas.  Unless it’s a gift, I can confidently say this will not come to pass.  I’d much prefer to spend any extra cash flow on housewares from the Anthropologie sale-room.

The impact my lack of television was having didn’t really hit me until today when I had no idea why the flag was half-mast.  The mornings I have it together, I stream NPR in an attempt to keep up-to-date with important news, but this didn’t happen to be one of them:  I woke up at the last second and stumbled down to breakfast in a pre-coffee haze.  Once I asked why the flag wasn’t in its usual place, a colleague informed me that Senator Kennedy had died.

As I was thinking about what was beautiful enough to make the highly-visited (total sarcasm) artsdevivre headlines, I settled on that exchange between my colleague and me:

-Why’s the flag half-mast?

-You didn’t hear?  Ted Kennedy died.

-Really?! …How sad.

We were going our separate ways so the conversation stopped there, but after reflection, I appreciated learning an important piece of news from an actual human being, in person.  Not in a headline, not in a tweet, (not in a blog), not through a click.

We live in a society where you can find literally anything you want, any hour of the day.  Once upon a time, we wouldn’t have known for months (or even at all) about important things like wars occurring in countries across the oceans.  Now we expect to know it all, have it all, see it all, with the simple click of a mouse.  (Of course, I don’t completely dislike the whole clicking concept…how else would people find artsdevivre?)

Given the choice of pre or post computer-age, I’d pick post for sure.  But sometimes, it gets a little overwhelming… you have to choose what you want to know about, the options are so wide.  Yes, I recognize the irony of writing about this in a blog format, but I think it’s just like anything else in life: moderation is the key.  Technology is great, but not a replacement for authentic, human experience.  Because that is beautiful.

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