Show me the silver lining.

I haven’t communicated the past couple of days due to family visits, emergency-vet trips, electrical problems…the list could go on.

Up until last night when I found myself driving around pitch black C.T. in search of the 24 hour animal hospital, I was doing an o.k. job of maintaining my art-is-everywhere-you-just-have-to-look-for-it attitude.  Then I got lost at midnight sans cell phone reception (a common problem in these parts), paid another vet bill this morning and lost electricity in 90% of my apartment.  Ew.

When a multitude of nit-picky nuisances pile up, the frustration and stress seem to develop a life of their own and take over.  Even as I see these words materializing on my screen, I detect that pesky melodramatic tendency coming out again.

My temporary problems are, like everything, a perspective issue.  It is completely frustrating that my kittens are sick (nothing very serious), that the large majority of my electrical outlets don’t work, that my phone line doesn’t ring, that my cell phone has no reception.  The kittens have medication and will be just fine.  And I don’t actually own my living quarters, so don’t have to worry about resolving the electrical issues all by my lonesome.  There’s another working phone in my building until my own line is repaired.  None of these solutions are extremely convenient, but they are solutions.

The cell phone reception is another story.  If anyone reading this happens to be employed at Verizon, I’d love to chat about getting a tower built in C.T.

Today I re-learned  several important lessons:  You can’t solve multiple problems in an instant.  Be patient.  Keep perspective.  Be willing to accept help when it is offered.

Sometimes a little frustration and trouble-shooting is good.  It reminds you to appreciate when things are easy and equips you to better deal with unexpected issues in the future.

Sure.  I’ll take all these as silver linings to my extremely cloudy (metaphorically and literally) past couple of days.  BUT, I also can’t wait to write about a random beautiful event/thought/sight.  (And by the way, I already have a list going to share with you.  I just needed to vent.)  Stay tuned.

One thought on “Show me the silver lining.

  1. I stumbled onto this when I midlessly logged onto facebook to pull me out of a funk I have been in over the past few days. Thanks for the perspective. Nice blog, Hilary!

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