Making up for lost (work) time.

I have (not quite) finished my first full day of official work in six months.  When I decided to leave Paris last March, it was a period of enormous transition and risk for me because I was (once again) leaping into the unknown.  Processing the whole “everything-i-thought-i-wanted-i-actually-don’t”  syndrome (that’s if not another post, then another novel later…don’t worry I am not narcissistic enough to inflict that saga on you) whilst searching for meaningful employment during a recession can weigh on you a bit.

So while it was great to receive a job offer this past June, summer days seemed to get longer and longer (instead of shorter and shorter) as I waited for school to start.  You can only fill so many days with running, tutoring and waiting for your friends to get off work.

As of today, I am officially one paycheck, two registration days, five full class periods and forty-six students better for the wear.  And it feels great.  Draining, but great.  I know any readers are thinking…it’s her first day, just give her time to actually get into it.  But I have had jobs that gave me an ick feeling the first day.  This was definitely not one of them.  For me, that counts that as a positive omen.

So if I had to pick my most beautiful thing today (because there were lots of them), I’d certainly pick the fatigue you feel after a day’s work well done.  (I hope.  That my work was well done, I mean.  I only had one minor snafu, so that’s good enough, in my book.)  I still have copies to make, lesson plans to perfect, maps of Paris to download and label with monuments, but that’s ok.  The weather is cool enough to have the air conditioning off (even during the day), enjoy a glass of red wine rather than white and lounge in sweatpants.  I can handle working long hours in those conditions.  And anyways, I figure my long hours are compensating for those six months off.

One thought on “Making up for lost (work) time.

  1. Hilary:

    This is great. I hope all has been well for you over the years. I have enjoyed reading your work and I look forward to future entries.



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