Artsdevivre evenings

Do you ever stop, take a breath and step back to create the beauty (or whatever you personally like to call it…calm, zen, vegging) in your life? Tonight, I did just that. Up until now, artsdevivre has talked about creating and/or recognizing those artful and beautiful moments that might otherwise pass you by. While I value optimism and the power of positive thinking above all, I also feel it is infinitely important to control the beauty quotient in your life.

And I did just that this evening. Before I moved to C.T., Monday was my favorite night of the week. Monday night meant cooking a yummy dinner, unwinding and watching Antiques Road Show with the part of my family still living in Richmond. (Translate, watching with my mom, texting friends to enlighten them of the shockingly high values of random yard sale and antique mall purchases and ignoring one of my older brothers making fun of me from the other room.)

As previously blogged, I am not a dedicated television watcher nor do I personally own one. But I do love Antiques Road Show. I love the people who bring in antiques. I love the antiques dealers. I love the cheesy background music. I love that the host is named Mark Wahlberg but is obviously not Marky Marky of the Funky Bunch. (Disclaimer: I think Mark Wahlberg (of the funky bunch) is a great actor.)

While I am still not a television-owner, I am officially a proud television-borrower. A kind colleague loaned me an extra for the year, for which I am eternally grateful as it has allowed me to re-create my most favorite week night (minus the family element…). Tonight was my first time off since registration last Monday (see yesterday’s post “Weekend fun?”) and so was much needed. After a long day, I ran to the grocery story and bought the current essentials for my kitchen:

-almond milk (I know, I know, many may find it bizarre but give it a try…)
-Stacy’s pita chips (plain and cinnamon sugar)
-baby spinach
-red wine (the temperature has dropped below 70 degrees thereby negating the need for white or rosé)

Upon arriving home, I enjoyed some of said wine and caught up on phone calls outside. Which is such a pleasure to do during these few in between weeks of not-too-hot, not-too-cold days. That fulfilled the family aspect of Antiques Road Show since I could not actually watch it with them.

I took care of the cooking and unwinding on my own and made a homemade curry-shrimp soup prior to the watching of the Antiques. Of course I didn’t think to look up a recipe until now as I blog, but I sautéed almond milk, onions and butter, and then let them simmer with the shrimp, curry powder, vegetable oil, cumin and salt. It turned out pretty well. Here is a much more specific recipe I just found courtesy of the Splendid Table:

I finished my very own artsdevivre evening by eating my soup and oohing and ahhing over this week’s batch of antiques. Highlights included:

-A custom-made harp, which maker serviced such notables as Marie Antoinette. value: $60,000
-An intricately-carved pistol. value: $25,000
-A 12-foot long 1900s era hand-woven rug from the Caucuses. value: $25,000

I am generally not one to get wrapped up in monetary value, but Antiques Road Show tends to be my exception. It makes me believe that my $1 purchase at the corner yard sale might just be the equivalent of the Golden Ticket in a Willy Wonka chocolate bar. And if I couldn’t believe in things as improbable and beautiful as that, then artsdevivre wouldn’t exist, now would it?

2 thoughts on “Artsdevivre evenings

  1. Sounds like a fabulous Monday evening to me — I love antiques road show, too! And I want to try your tasty-sounding curry-shrimp soup! Sending you lots of teaching love through the blogosphere!!!

  2. I thought of you this week end! I went to Paris. After a big big brunch at the spaghetti bar, we walked to the Marais and I saw your shop : autour du monde. I wished you were here!
    Take care ma copine.

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