Manicure meditation

Today is quite possibly a perfect day.  I am off-campus, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and I have lots of spare time. 

A very dear friend that lives within striking distance of school is kind enough to consistently let me escape to her abode the weekends I am not on duty.  Luckily enough (for me, maybe not for her), we are close enough that I just sort of move in for 48 hours and we each do our own respective things.  Today, her agenda included volunteering and baby shower-ing.  Mine included running and working.  Hold on.  That’s better.  Just switched to outside working because it is just too pretty to sit inside any longer.  Another thing to be thankful for!  Wireless!  That extends beyond the front door!  Le bonheur complet.

As I was typing before I got side tracked (imagine having a conversation with me…), my friend and I each go about our own lives when I visit.  Since my life in this town is, essentially, her (I don’t know her city well yet), I find myself repeatedly time-checking in anticipation of her arrival back at the ranch. 

I have already explored twice (coffee-shop field trip and running), worked on lesson plans, graded, review sheet-ed, and given myself a manicure.  All perfectly valid Saturday morning/afternoon activities.  But that last one tends to be very problematic for me.   I know lots of girls who just love getting a manicure.  I do not.  Not because I don’t like the end product’s effect, but more because sitting still is not my forte.  I just.  Can’t.  Keep my hands still after and I’m off and running and there goes all my hard nail work.  

The good news is today I came up with a master plan for the would-be manicured young lady. Warning:  In order to adhere to my plan, you must also be an aspiring yogi/meditator as well.  Just after finishing my two coats of Sally Hansen Maximum Nail Growth and one coat of light sand-color, I assumed seated meditation pose in the middle of the gorgeous triangle of sunlight streaming into my friend’s living room.  And sat.  And centered my back squarely over my hips.  And breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth.  For what felt like 20 minutes.  I surrendered and checked my cell phone.  It had been 8.  Ouch.  Determinedly, I squinched my eyes shut and again attempted to block out passing trucks, neighbor disputes (not that there were a lot, but all sounds were indicating a very  disgruntled mother) and the ice-maker.  And my middle back pain.  And my plans for the rest of the weekend.  And mental to-do lists.  Again, I surrendered and looked at my phone.  3 minutes.  Wow.

It would be a much better story had I succeeded in centering myself and clearing my mind whilst my nails dried to perfection.  But on reflection, sitting completely still for 8 minutes plus 3 more was not such a bad start.  And a good motivator to keep painting my nails. Kinda similar to a blog forcing weekly writing.  Just some food for thought.

One thought on “Manicure meditation

  1. Hilary, you sat still and accomplished nothing for a full 11 minutes! Give yourself a pat on the back. That is no easy task. My back starts hurting after I sit up straight for 2 minutes … oy.

    Thanks for another inspiring post 🙂

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