Thank you.

My brain feels very thoroughly fried (a state to which I am scarily enough becoming more and more accustomed), but I am happy to report that in a moment of calm, I decided to write rather than watch t.v.  My moment of calm is very engineered (meaning there are minimum 307 other things I could and should be doing right now) but, hey, you make your own priorities, right?

Now.  Beauty.  Every-day.  I know that’s the point of artsdevivre but in my almost-TGIF state of mind, I am having a hard time formulating coherent thoughts.  I will admit that this week I have fallen off the wagon a bit and allowed myself to just.




Before I begin to complain and talk about the less beautiful aspects of my week, I will quickly jump to thanking others.  Because those snippets of calm, kindness, humor and of course beauty, are certainly what kept me afloat this week.  Here goes (without naming any names):

Thank you, for inviting me to  yoga this week and helping me to (re)center myself.

Thank you, for giving me a break when I most sorely needed it.

Thank you, for reminding me to laugh at myself (in and outside of class).

Thank you, for sharing your opinions about art with me.  It helped me look at something I had rushed past in my frenzied state.  (Artsdevivre in its purest form…)

Despite struggling students, mountains of lesson plans, non-existent runs and grades to enter, I feel better than I have all week.  And all it took was stopping for 15 minutes to reflect on the highlights of my week rather than obsessing over the low ones.  Try it out for yourself if you’re having a tough week.  It just might help.

One thought on “Thank you.

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough week! I also find that the little things people do really help you keep your chin up. I will take your helpful advice and give a little back. In the words of FDR, “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”.

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