Technology and its (sometimes) attributes

I  lament on an (almost) hourly basis my severe disdain for technology, but every once and a while he (why did I just decide techonology is a boy and not a girl?) can be really great.  Although I recognize the inextricable couple that a blog and technology form, this does not mean that I foster an equally healthy relationship with:

My school’s “proxy server” (Whatever that means.  I just know it gives me problems.)

The copy machine closest to my classroom

The copy machine in the teacher’s lounge

The copy machine in the adminstration building.


Technology can be pervasive, and at times nail-bitingly, hair-pullingly, gnashing-of-teeth (ly?…doesn’t have the same ring there) frustrating, but at times I just LOVE it.   Read these couple vignettes and you’ll find out why.

I am sure you suffer the same problem as I: missing friends that no longer live in the vicinity.  My friends from college are some of the closest in the world, yet five years later we rarely find ourselves in the same location.  We all grow older and more disparate in a geographic sense, but this does not make it any less sad.  Imagine my amazement the day one of my dearest friends told me to enable the video on my G-chat and, presto!  I saw this friend’s face that I have not  been able to see in person for over two years.  What a treat that in spite of the sometimes oceans and always interstates separating us, we can still chat live and face to face when we so choose.

Another recent technology appreciation moment tickled me pink.  The day before yesterday, I had sent my mother some pretty pictures of fall.  She reciprocated later that day with some pretty images she had found online.  This is my favorite:

Rue de picardie

My old stomping ground

To you, this may be a nondescript street in any old European city.  (You’ll notice right away this is not at all a photo of Americana.  The street is too narrow.  The sidewalk poles don’t resemble ours.)  If you have read any other artsdevivre entries, I am sure you have surmised by now that this is an image of my home #2, Paris.  What tickles me so much is not that this is Paris, but that this is my teeny street.  Just one year ago, I was hurrying up and down this exact stretch of pavement, the sweet little Rue de picardie.  And Mom found this randomly in an image search online.  There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about being able to just happen on an image that speaks so clearly to your personal experience.   It enhances the sensation of somehow fitting into this crazy puzzle we are all a part of.

So no.  I do not always get along with technology.  I kind of look at in the same way I viewed my relationship with my two big brothers growing up: I undertand that I have to live with it, so I might as well appreciate what it has to offer.  And every once in a while, it’ll really surprise you and do something thoughtful.

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