Comme d’habitude, lesson plans, as yet created tests and troubled students keep me from writing as much as I’d like.

Luckily, encountering other people’s art makes you want to produce your own unique creation.  Twice in the past week, this has happened to me.

1. The first moment was when I listened to the Monsters of Folk album last Friday.  I cannot stop playing it every night while I attempt to unwind/plan/test-create all at the same time.  I really had almost finished my Spanish 3 test for tomorrow, but “Temazcal” made me stop and breathe.  The combination of lyrics, harmony and artistic collaboration fused to create a sense of peace.  Preterit verb endings and camping vocabulary had no place in the equation.

If you haven’t heard the song for yourself yet, listen up:

2. My other artful encounter was last weekend, when I went to see Where the wild things are. Take a peek:

Spike Jonze succeeds in re-creating the angst-filled childhood experience in this film.  Watching Max on screen as he struggles to express his emotions and find his niche is so moving.  Despite working with young people every day, I often lose sight of the fact that they are not yet commander of emotion manifestation.  Max serves as a sweet reminder that kids struggle to process those pesky feelings and then express them. Besides the poignant expression of childhood development and emotion, the set, costumes, music and acting combine to create a unique film (in my mind) worthy of watching again and again.

So, this maybe eloquent thank you note  serves as my own feeble attempt to throw something into that artistic pool of expression.  Thank you Monsters of folk.  Thank you Maurice Sendak.  And thanks Max.

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