Today I finished my first trimester of teaching.  With some spare time on my hands, I lapsed into my exhausted habits developed over the past couple weeks:  an unsuccessful nap and mindless t.v.  I felt bored so read back over some artsdevivre entries.  I noticed that the most recurring theme in my writing was stress.  Stress from work.  Stress from technology.  Stress from students.  In the frenzy of my first weeks of teaching, artsdevivre morphed from a blog about the beauty-filled life into a blog about the bright spots in an another wise bleak day.

Most things I wrote about since school started were positive, but certainly did not add up to life’s simple pleasures.  I obsessively seek meaning, I’ve always been that way.  But sometimes you just  have to take things as they are.  And appreciate the truly simple things that brighten your day:

Like a yummy brand of cereal discovered.  Check.  Or apples and peanut butter.  Check.  Or an unexpected hug when you need it most.  Check.  Or a much needed vacation.  Check.  Or a funny almost-still-kitten that likes to watch her reflection in the t.v. screen.  Check.

The past months have been unexpected and overwhelming.  A self-professed control freak, I spent the majority of my time trying to figure out how to best organize my multitude of tasks in order to feel competent.  That can’t be done in three months.  Maybe three years.  Maybe.

So from this day forth, I promise to my readers (if they’re out there) and maybe even more importantly to myself, to slow down, observe and appreciate.  Who knows?  It could even help out my my pesky compulsion to figure out my new career.

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