Good things come in (snowy) packages

Brrr!  I am happy to report that temps here in C.T. have taken quite the nose dive in recent days.  Although many lament the cold temperatures of winter months, I love love love them.  Do you know why?  Because I adore nothing more than being warm.  A contradiction in terms, you say?  Please allow me to elaborate:

While I wholeheartedly recognize the carefree bliss of summer months (sun dresses, flip flops, ice cream trips and freezing-cold rosé wine … ), I much prefer adding layers to peeling them.  My sneaking suspicion is that this inclination goes back to my adopted French roots.  Ever since I wrapped my first scarf à la française during a semester abroad in college, I haven’t been able to resist adding that extra layer of warmth any time the temperatures drops below 60 degrees.  During my two-year Richmond Hiccup, I would get so frustrated with central-Virginia’s attempts at chilly temperatures.  They obstinately hover between 40 and 60 degrees with a handful of half-hearted attempts at dips below freezing.  Combined with a smattering of unproductive mornings of wintery mixes that invariably give up and turn to rain, it leaves much to be desired.  Two long weekends in Chicago (December and February) during the Hiccup convinced me that cold was the way to go.  I loved rushing from the metro to the restaurant to the store to the wherever.  It reminded me of my cozy and gray Paris of winter months…

I didn’t think that weather between Richmond and C.T. could be all that different (what difference can four hours north really make?), but I was very pleasantly surprised this past weekend.  When I unlocked the girls’ dorm Saturday morning (a duty weekend), I could not believe my eyes.  In just a half hour’s time a yucky, wintery mix had miraculously morphed into a beautiful, silent, intense snowfall.  Enormous flakes careened from the sky in a headlong rush to make contact with the cold and crunchy grass.

Before I knew it, the entire campus was covered with a several inch thick blanket of perfectly pure whiteness. Now, rushing from the metro to the restaurant to the store to the wherever proved to be a far cry from rushing from the dorm to the cafeteria to the short bus to the classroom, but it held its own allure, too.  The snow was of course much prettier to observe in my current unspoiled landscape as compared to a noisy, loud and crowded city.  And I didn’t feel the pressure to actually rush.  In fact, I actually stopped and admired it a bit.

While inside my cozy little apartment, I swear my coffee tasted just a little warmer and Christmas music sounded  just a little Christmas-ier.  Although the snow was pretty much gone by the next day, it was a nice kick-off to the winter months and gave me hope that we’ll get a real one before it’s all over.  And by the way, I checked.  Richmond did, indeed, have a yucky, wintery mix on Saturday.  C.T. wins.

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