Holiday reminiscence

What is it about the holidays that makes you reminisce?  Every where I look/read/see/hear, I am reminded of a bygone era.

Any Christmas tree inevitably takes me back to arguing with my brothers over who got to put what ornament on the tree.  Board games transport me to uncountable Christmas eves debating who deserved how many points in which round.  And the movie a Christmas Story … well … it just speaks for itself. I hear “You’ll shoot your eye out!”, and am instantly curled up on the couch breathlessly waiting to see whether or not Ralph will get his coveted gun.

In fact, watching a Christmas Story transports me to a time that  I never even knew.  It recalls milk shakes, records and radio programs rather than frappuccinos, ipods and youtube.  The retro home decor I search for in vain at the antique mall were commonplace during a Christmas Story.

I haven’t quite put my finger on why just yet, but there’s something comforting about witnessing that every day slice of classic Americana.

Although we can never have mid-20th century America back, it’s nice to think about and/or watch from time to time.  Try it out for yourself.  If you need any help, rent a Christmas Story. Or just flip through the channels like I did … i think you’ll find it!

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