Hello again … !

Have two weeks really passed since the winter holiday?  I must admit to the bit of a pit that was  inhabiting my stomach at the end of vacation.  The excitement and comfort of the holidays with family and friends made C.T. seem somehow bleak and uninviting.  Thinking about mountains of lesson plans, distraught students and non-functioning yearbook software caused a couple of sleepless nights there at the end of break.  But you know what?  It’s actually been two of the best weeks of my school year.  Yes, I still have mountains of lesson plans.  Yes I still have distraught students.  Yes (no?) the yearbook software isn’t really functioning.  But I’m learning more and more how to trouble shoot the multitude of curve balls that get thrown my way as an educator.  And that is a good feeling for a lot of reasons.

But chief among them is of course the fact that it allows me to quietly enjoy my artsdevivre evenings.  As usual, this includes puttering in the kitchen, listening to Carla Bruni and absentmindedly pondering the meaning of it all.  (Oh and Harry Potter.  Right now, my artsdevivre most definitely includes Harry Potter. Which dedicated reading may or may not explain the sparse artsdevivre entries the past week or so.  Prior to that I was just being lazy.)

It’s also oh-so-nice to revel in the Christmas gifts my sweet family so thoughtfully bestowed upon me a few weeks ago.  A bit of identity crisis following my first return home from Paris going on four (ouch!) years ago, convinced me that I was destined to be a chef.  Ha.  You would be laughing too had you ever seen me in the kitchen.  Those of you who have I feel confident are, at the very least, chuckling.  Unnecessary tears over sugar cookies pop right into mind.  A top chef never will I be, but I do thoroughly enjoy the coziness a kitchen provides.  Thanks to said identity crisis, I usually receive some fun and/or cute kitchen gadgets for each holiday.  Tonight I had the pleasure of draining my tofu noodles (as always, don’t knock it till you try it) in my nifty hooks-over-the-sink-edge colander, sauteeing my spinach and marinara sauce with an adorably cheeky light turquoise spatula stamped with an oh-so-useful measurement conversion chart and even of weighing my frozen shrimp on a handy little kitchen scale.  Fun!

It might not be the snazziest or flashiest Thursday night one ever read about, but it’ll do.  Feeling alert enough to compose a little artsdevivre ditty, and gently reminding everyone to appreciate their own is beauty enough for me.

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