Deals to be had?

As you may or (may not) know, I am currently enjoying two weeks of spring break.  Two weeks away from the job that constitutes my life.  Sleeping in (sort of, does 8:00 a.m. count?). Reading.  Waiting for my friends to get off work.  Staring out the window.  (That was my current activity until I stirred myself to write.)

It’s great.  Seriously.  Not doing anything is great.  There’s only one caveat: I’m used to constantly doing something.

Yesterday, desperately seeking a project, I purchased a membership on a new-ish website that sounds, well, too good to be true.  It’s a sort of online sale in which you purchase chips, then bid on items, then (optimally) win the item.  There are great things to buy.  For example, yesterday I eyed an iPod touch, a Bare Escentuals makeup gift card and a Target gift card.  Note the use of the word “eyed” rather than “won.”

This is how it works:

1. See an item that strikes your fancy

2. Click on “Bid”, thereby spending one of your pre-purchased chips

3. Go crazy when you see other members nosing in at the last second every @#%ing time.  (Each bid adds 20 seconds of time on to the clock.)

I quickly learned there’s no point in looking at something until the clock is under 30 seconds. Wasting a bunch of chips on a gift card not destined to be mine taught me this.  I naively thought that since no one else had bid when only a minute remained, I had no competition.  Screen name luckchic had different ideas.

Thinking I had it all figured out after my mishap with gift card #1, I dutifully waited for the iPod’s remaining time to reach about 30 seconds.  And found myself still staring at the computer screen pronouncing a variety of expletives 3 hours later.  Disgusted, I walked away.  Only to discover that screen name empirenine beat me approximately 5 minutes later.  And won the stupid thing for $34.

It might sound comical (and probably was), but I’m telling you, I was going crazy.  It was sort of weird and unsettling.

During yoga last night, I found myself attempting to extract the lesson I was supposed to take from my mishap with online shopping.  (I’m not sure that’s what Bikram wants me concentrating on during class but …)  Whilst falling out of Dandayamana Janushirasana, it hit me.  An online shopping auction is just like anything else: patience and determination are two of the most essential ingredients to success.

Lesson learned.  I get it.  But I think I’ll stay away from it for a time.  A bit more yoga and zen attitude would do me some good before attempting to combat the likes of luckchic and empirenine.

P.S. if you’re the patient, determined type that loves a good sale (be careful, I thought I was too), contact me and I’ll send you the invite.  Great deals are to be had for those willing to stick it out!

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