The buddha in you?

Last night, over a divine plate of angel hair pasta swimming in spinach, tomatoes, scallops, squid (I know the appropriate term is calamari, but I prefer how the word squid looks and sounds) and shrimp, I made a catty remark about someone.  Nothing too mean, nothing too spiteful, just an innocent quip.  You know what I mean (if you’re female, at least).  Just those things we say without really thinking how it would make the subject feel if they were to hear.

My dinner partner extraordinaire (heretofore referred to as D.P.E.) innocently reminded me, complete with twinkle in eye, that this person could have been the Buddha incarnate.  And it’s true. There is a potential Buddha in every living being, including me, you and my cats.

I cannot profess to be a faithfully practicing, knowledgeable Buddhist, but I certainly hold dear the tenets of this ancient philosophy and religion.  I do my daily best to stay mindful, live in the moment, see the good in all around me and not harm other sentient beings. (Well. Other than those fruits de mer that I just can’t help consuming. What can I say, I’m a work in progress.)

Of course, D.P.E. was just teasing me, but I thought about it again today when I received a random act of kindness from someone whom I would never have expected. It’s easier to judge than be judged, and this might be part of the human compulsion to provide running commentary on all those around us (unexpected kindness bestower included).

Now let’s get one thing straight here: I don’t aspire to be one of those annoyingly nice people who can’t laugh at a wicked joke or quip every now and again, but I do want to strive, strive, strive to see good rather than bad, feel love rather than hate, and spread kindness rather than cattiness.  Because it certainly amplifies my artsdevivre exponentially to focus on beauty. So thanks D.P.E, thanks unexpected kindness bestower, for the gentle reminders.

5 thoughts on “The buddha in you?

      • Got it.

        I’m slow on the uptake sometimes. I don’t always get popular culture references, jokes, and acronyms.

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