April 24th. I checked the date of my last post and finally, almost two months later, I find the time to sit down and write. When I started artsdevivre, writing was a challenge, like using an out-of-shape muscle. Little by little (not surprisingly), writing began to flow from my fingertips through to the keyboard. I watched my style develop and felt constantly inspired to write (even if I didn’t do it as often as I should).

Enter an extremely busy spring and, poof!, not surprisingly, my writing muscles once again felt under-used and neglected. I let myself get sidetracked with work and many other (what seemed like at the time) extremely important, do-or-die extras and opportunities. In the end, a healthy dose of disappointment served as a reminder to pick myself back up, keep my eye on the prize and remember that usually things will not turn out just precisely as we fantasizing dreamers conjure up in our overly active imaginations. And that’s ok. In fact, I usually end up finding my artsdevivre in unanticipated blessings and moments.

So even though summer kicked off with a different than hoped-for beginning, I’m excited to spend my well-deserved vacation relaxing and writing. See y’all soon, and enjoy the day!

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