When I came up with the idea for artsdevivre, I wanted to create something new, to write about a topic that wasn’t overly used, or clichéd. Now, I did not expect over-night success, but it is a personal goal to not only write, but also to be read. If you are amongst the handful of people who read my blog, I simply wanted to give an explanation for the sudden change in topic matter.

From now on, I will write about what I love most and also know the most about: city living. Having lived in large cities like Paris and in-between cities like Baltimore (my summer abode away from C.T.) , and having visited a host of others like Copenhagen, Bangkok, Hong Kong, or Barcelona, I feel well-positioned to speak, should I say write, on the matter. So …

Visits to artsdevivre will certainly still include snippets of every-day beauty, but  I’ll also be sharing the fun things I do around Charm City (Baltimore) and those fun things I did (and I’m sure will do again) in the City of Light (Paree of course, dahling). I hope you’ll find it interesting, helpful and especially I hope you’ll send me questions if you are ever planning visits to any of the cities I mention.

Like I’ve told my baker’s dozen or so of readers many a time, Paris living is a huge part of what makes me me (hence what shapes my writing), and also of what inspired me to always appreciate beauty. So I want to share with you those specific things that inspired, and continue to inspire, that philosophy of artsdevivre. Check back tomorrow for first featured spot. À demain!

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