Cooking during the week

Ok, so I’m running an experiment this evening, readers. Usually, I ruminate and ruminate until I’m sure I have the perfect artsdevivre moment to share. I wait until I feel fresh and ready to write the perfect post. As you can see, this does not produce, er, frequent, writing.

Point being, I am always thinking about artsdevivre, trying to find the beauty, not get upset over the little (sometimes big) things. So I need to share them more often. Because if I wait for the “write” moment (pun intended) to write, it’s not going to happen.

So, one thing that has made me happy a lot recently is cooking. Ever since I moved home to the States from France what feels like many years ago (close to seven now, yikes, before I went back for work again 3 years ago), I’ve taken a bit of refuge in shopping for, preparing and eating, food. I like perusing recipes (used to be more print, now mostly online) and cookbooks, compiling a shopping list and then trying something new.

Anyways. DPE and I have been trying hard of late to eat local as much as possible. An interest for a couple years now, but after reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, it is morphing into more of a philosophy than a hobby.

Since school has started, we have had a blast at the end of the day preparing meals. Most times, this involves throwing together whatever is in the fridge that day:

Like a spinach salad with farmers’ market onions, dried cranberries and almonds







or grilled pizza with market leftovers – here we have tomatoes and mushrooms.

The point is, some nights all we want to do is collapse, watch tv and order takeout. Sometimes we do. But when we take the time to throw a quick meal together, we feel better. We’re proud of what we create, it makes good conversation and of course, it’s healthier.

I also should in true artsdevivre spirit thank DPE, because he is MUCH more often the head chef and I am the sous, meaning I generally drink a glass of wine whilst whining about my day as he slaves away over the stove.

For thousands of years, people have come together for a meal. I like the idea of continuing that long-standing tradition in our constantly connected time.


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