Gift ideas for little ones

Today was the official start of my holiday shopping. Lists have become shorter in the past couple of years, as my family draws one name in an effort to de-materialize the season a bit. For fear of revealing surprises, I can’t say precisely what I purchased; however, my niece is but ten months young, so I felt I had to share this sweet set of alphabet blocks with you:

Old-fashioned wooden blocks

My mother suggested them months ago as the perfect gift for my favorite (and only ;)) niece. As you can see, they are colorful, easy to hold and a great way to begin letter recognition. As you cannot see, they are affordable and have French vocabulary on them. I can’t wait for FRH to start using them and share some artsdevivre moments.

The rest of the shopping day cannot be revealed; however, DPE and I had fun browsing through shops like aMuse, where I could hardly resist these keys-for-babies:

Baby friendly keys

. We also wandered through 10,000 Villages and Su Casa, holder of some fabulous Paris wall art that I have not yet managed to hunt down online. I left Fells Point feeling a bit accomplished and knew I was really meant to be productive when I pulled up to the area generic mall and proceeded directly into a parking spot front row, adjacent to the Nordstrom entrance. As I finish this entry, I’m about half way done with my shopping, and looking forward to hunting down the rest of my treasures to share with family, friends and others.

3 thoughts on “Gift ideas for little ones

  1. I just ordered the keys for my baby! What a delightful solution to the age old baby/keys dilemma. Thanks for the heads up. Do you have a link for the blocks?

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