Cinnamon whiskey

Happy Monday almost-being-over! Last weekend was mostly relaxing apart from a not-too-late night out. Drinks I love include: red wines, mostly Malbecs and Burgundies; white wines, mostly Sauvignon Blanc; vodka soda with limes. Drinks I do NOT love include: any dark liquors whatsoever. After a couple vodka sodas with friends this past Saturday, I was convinced into tasting the below whiskey:

As I held the drink up to my lips, I winced and grimaced in fear in what tastes awaited me. After tasting, I found myself entirely shocked at the pleasant, cinnamon-y taste that overtook my senses. As claims the label, it was yummily reminiscent of those fireballs we all used to eat when we were tikes. No matter your feelings for whiskey, try this! I promise it will be enjoyable. Stay tuned for a list of our favorite holiday (or any time) wines and party drinks. Sante, les amis !

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