Bonne annee, les amis !

It’s hard to believe another year has passed us by. No big parties for us this year. DPE and I will spend NYE with friends (to me) and family (to him). I’m looking forward to it for several reasons:

1. I found a cute sparkly skirt from that store Aerie. No worries their marketing target is about half my age. See Exhibit A:

I’m also super excited to wear those fabulous Frye boots for the third day in a row (Christmas gift courtesy of DPE.)

2. We’ll be eating well this evening starting off with the below meat and cheese plate:

Meat and cheese appetizer

For tonight, we chose a simple mozzarella, a tangy goat cheese, a creamy St. Albray and some nice salty prosciutto.

3. We’ll spend the majority of our evening at Brewer’s Art, a restaurant and bar that has the most gorgeous chandelier in the dining room. No pictures on the website, but will post tomorrow!

I hope you and yours have some nice plans that fit you just right for tonight! Have fun, be safe and see you all in 2012! Meilleurs voeux, les amis.

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