Wes anderson love

Oh goodness. Are you as much as a sucker for Wes Anderson movies as I? If so, then you MUST watch this trailer for Moonrise Kingdom, which I found on the must-follow http://randomdriving.tumblr.com/ :

What is it about everything Wes Anderson does? The colors, the music, the costumes, the intricately intense characters – everything seems just the way I imagined life and aventures when I was buried in books as a child. Which reminds me of the fabulous Fantastic Mr. Fox which film should have played a central role in my New year movie marathon post. I know it’s a few years old, but I didn’t get around to watching it until winter vacation:

Mr. Fox, played by George Clooney, reluctantly eschews his chicken-chasing ways for the white picket fence (house in a tree?) fox fantasy. It works for awhile, but he has to confront his adventure-lust and other tough questions during one last chicken-nap. My other Anderson favorites include of course:

Oh, and embarrassingly enough I have never seen Rushmore. DPE has decided that needs to change this evening.

On one final note, I have to admit I am the nerdy type of person that loves nothing more than seeing “famous people” in public. I never say anything (except when DPE and I were in a taxi line behind Glen Hansard of the Oscar winning movie-musical Once), but I definitely gawked one evening when Wes Anderson sat next to myself and a group of friends at one of my favorite restaurants in Paris, Le fish, in the 6th just near Odeon. Le fish has wonderfully simple you guessed it, fish, entrees in a fun wine bar-esque atmosphere. The next time you’re in Paree, I recommend you try it. Take the Line 4 to Odeon and hoof it to 69 rue de seine just around the corner. Get there early because it crowds early!

Happy weekend, les amis !

2 thoughts on “Wes anderson love

    • Aren’t they the best?! fantastic mr fox is definitely right up your alley. loving keeping up with your caribbean adventures! xx.

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