Les soldes d’hiver, USA style

In the spirit of not being totally fried at the end of the day (I love two planning days in a row!), I wanted to share a couple little baubles and ensembles I’ve put together over the past couple of weeks. Wannabe sartorialist, I may be, but sartorialist on a budget, people. In my eyes, that’s better because it stretches your creativity and makes you more grateful for your finds.

So I love nothing more than the winter doldrum sales right after Christmas when the stores are prepping for cruise collections and other such events that do not (as yet, sniff) occupy my budget. For example, check out this adorable skirt I found at Aerie. Is this store geared to my students’ demographic? Yes. BUT I think if you go in with an open mind and envision more adult rather than, er, teen accessories, you can find some great inspiration.

I paired this little guy (girl?) with a wine colored turtle neck and tights and the scrumptious Frye boots D gave me for Christmas. No, those were not a steal, but as I explained to D, they are an investment. I made a solemn vow that I will still be wearing them when I’m forty and beyond.

Also I adore Madewell but don’t buy the bulk of my shreds there, unfortunately. Imagine my delight at fishing this great dress off the sale rack (perfect for dinner with friends or work depending on accessory choice) for only $20!

 I also picked up a checked tunic similar to this one for $10. The one I got is cute belted or not. 

I finished off my get-me-through the winter spurt with a new pair of of severely on sale skinny cords from J Crew. My final bit of inspiration for my new Clarks actually came from a super-hip student of mine. Just like Hip Student, I plan to lace them through with transparent, feminine ribbon rather than the traditional laces pictured here. Hers looked great and I can’t wait to copy!

It’s amazing to see the deals you can get if you wait till the right moment. The most pleasant surprise for me this year was the plethora of sizes available in the middle. Let me know if you find any other last minute winter deals and I’ll keep you posted, too. Ciao, les filles !

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