Les soldes a paris

Writing about my sale purchases in the States last week inspired me to write about my two most favorite moments in the French calendar year – les soldes. So, in France (and most Western European countries), retailers only actually put on “real” sales twice a year – in January and July. Stores are beginning to skirt this government mandated policy by offering Promotions the rest of the year, but really true sales only occur in January and July. And these sales are sales, ladies. Each week, every retailer from H&M to Longchamp to Hermes slash the prices even lower, hitting up to 80% off in the last week of the month-long festival (that’s how it feels to me at least, festive!). Women line up outside stores and elbow their way past imposing security guards hired to keep the peace. It’s quite the scene!

Some of my favorite finds from those long past days (or it seems like eons ago, really it was only about three years) include this adorable pair of red pumps from Zara and these cute black wooden-heeled ladies also from Zara.



Another favorite is this hand-stitched Antik Batik coat, 

and this cozy ecru cotton and satin sweater coat from Le Diabl’ess .




I also love this Paddington-like coat from Comptoir des cotonniers.




So, should you be planning a trip to Paris in the next year or so, I highly recommend you try to hit the sales times – starting in mid-January and mid-July and lasting about a month each. Following is a list of stores I don’t think you should miss. Let me know what you think is missing, I’m ready to discover new boutiques on my next visit to Paree!


Comptoir des cotonniers, 12 place Saint Sulpice ~
trendy and Euro-preppy women’s clothing
Le diabl’ess, 64 boulevard Haussmann ~
whimsical women’s clothing
Tara jarmon, 75 rue des Saints peres ~
feminine and flirty
Bensimon, 12 rue des Francs bourgeois ~
hippy/preppy women’s, men’s, kids and house items too!
Ted baker, 47 rue Bonaparte ~
euro chic men and women’s
Le bon marche, 24 rue de Sevres ~
high end department store and gourmet groceries
Pylones, 13 rue Sainte-croix de la bretonnerie ~
fun and funky housewares

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