Un jour de plus au paradis

The good news is D is recuperating quickly and surely. Another day at home plus Valentine’s chicken noodle seems to have done the trick. Success!

On another note, being the French junkie that I am, we subscribe to TV5 Monde (France’s international NBC CBS ABC, comme tu veux) at home. I relish the couple of hours between my arrival home from work and D’s since I can watch my French TV in peace.

I wanted to share this great video from the French group “Les enfoirés”, a group of French comedians and singers that perform a charity concert once a year to raise money for Les restos de coeur, an organization that works to distribute hot meals to France’s homeless. (Disclaimer, the word Enfoirés is not used in the politest of company, it’s basically calling someone a far less polite version of jerk.)

I loved the lyrics, basically a rally to helping our communities’ weakest. The fact that my advanced French students just finished a unit on individuals’ and organizations’ contributions to society and are just starting a unit on food and food issues was just an added bonus. We watched the video in class and the élèves filled in missing words I took out of the lyrics. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

2 thoughts on “Un jour de plus au paradis

  1. I like this one but i prefer the original from Phil Collins (another day in paradise). 🙂
    xo xo and see you soon in the US.

    • I like Phil’s too (i love him!) mais tu sais que mon côté francais adoooooore cette version. quand arriveras-tu chez nous ??

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