Francophile nick-nacks

Looking to gift the Francophile in your life something? Here are a some things I’ve been given or given myself over the past couple months.

Perfect coffee table book for any Francophile or art-history buff

The perfect spring time scent, I picked my bottle up from Anthropologie

This Eiffel tower necklace from Etsy is similar to one given to me this Christmas. Simple and sweet!



















Laduree candles burn for ages and the rainbow of colors are reminiscent of the sweet-treat-store’s macarons.









































































































2 thoughts on “Francophile nick-nacks

  1. Perfect choices! I really love Anthropologie’s exquisite perfume bottle label. Someone did their research. It’s a loving and lovely nod! It reminds me of the old perfume bottles by Lorenzy-Palanca (Paris) and Jean Giraud Fils (Grasse and Paris). Sigh! Theadora

    • Theadora, I completely agree! So many of Anthropologie’s accessories and home goods transport me to a French market. h.

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