Waiting for spring

Even though this year’s “winter” has been almost non-existent, this image exactly sums up my current state of mind ~

Longer days translate to witnessing a glimpse of sunshine on the way to work (starting school at 7:17 should be against the law) in the morning and even enjoying a couple hours when I leave late afternoon. Bliss!

The impending arrival of our moodiest of seasons has me daydreaming during my planning periods of this ~

, which will quickly blossom into this ~ 

But for right now, I’m enjoying this ~ 

, which has popped up all over my front yard over the past week. Did you know those sweet little lavender crocus close up to get some beauty rest each night? Lovely! What are you looking forward to this spring season?

{Images via here}

5 thoughts on “Waiting for spring

  1. Lovely! Lavender crocus flowers always been a favorite. The colors are magnificent! (I guess we all need our beauty sleep!) Theadora Do you plan to start a garden series?

    • I totally agree ~ The lavender and orange makes for a great combo. As the weather warms, I’ll include more of my gardening projects on artsdevivre. Last summer marked my first attempts and we are trying for bigger and better this year! My favorite gardening in paris was admiring friends’ window boxes and balcony plants, so it’s nice to have a bit more space to work with! h.

  2. I love the flower box action! Soon it will be time for multiple trips to Castorama. I love their sturdy tote bags, too. (There’s a great gardening shop on rue des Abbesses. I’ll dig up the name and address.) Looking forward to reading about your garden diaries! Theadora

  3. Keep me posted on the abbesses store! one of my favorite former quartiers, one that i’m sure to spend some time in the next i come “home”

  4. Hello! Here’s the scoop on the super cute gardening (old-fashioned general store) shop in Abbesses. Ets Lion depuis 1895 is located on 7 rue des Abbesses. It’s a magical place! Their seed section is impressive.They also sell spices, baked goods, candy, tea and coffee. (Sophie Ronti and her husband are adorable! Both are designers as well. At one time, they were thinking about opening up another shop in the US.) Enjoy the weekend! Theadora

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