Welcome weekend

What’s better than waking up semi-late on a Saturday morning with nothing to do for the foreseeable future? Factor in light rain, warm coffee and a pleasant evening the night before. I can find no fault here! On that note, here are a couple other this and thats making me smile the past day or so …

When D and I decided to live together, our biggest concern was introduing 5-year-old Riley and 2-year-old Lily and Minnow. It took them a while, but they have obviously reached a grudgingly affectionate truce.

Reviving my fave red Zara heels and pairing them with cuffed jeans.

Lots of bracelets – a mélange of cheapies of my own (thin bangles from Urban Outfitters), a gold-braided gift to my Gramma Lois from my Grampa Nelson decades ago, a strand of pearls neclace turned bracelet courtesy of Gramma Meg and an ivory bangle gifted to my mother from my father on a Hawaiian vacation in the 70s

Malbec makes me happy always. Last night, I enjoyed a couple glasses at one of our favorite bar/restaurants Annabel Lee. What do you plan on enjoying this weekend?

Oh, and who doesn’t love suprise flowers?! D brought these to me on Thursday. Lavender, bien sûr!

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