E-cards super mignons ! (super cute e-cards)

Eek! I found the cutest thing to brighten anyone’s day, so very artsdevivre. Well, maybe not anyone, but anyone in your life that:

a: likes cute artwork
b: is a Francophile
c: likes being thought of at random times

So, probably more for your friends, significant others and family members of the feminine persuasion. Certainly the e-card is not new, nor is the website/e-newsletter My Little Paris (I’ve been getting cute updates for Parisian fun from them for several years now) BUT their e-cards are certainly new, to me at least. With typical French panache, they span relational events that, being the boring American I am, would never dare send an e-card, like break-ups or hook-ups. They also include more traditional ones like “Merci d’etre la” (thanks for being there), “Verre apres le boulot” (drink after work ?) or “Merci de m’ecouter” (thanks for listening to me). Check out their adorable art work below, all credit given obviously directly to this e-card link, and you’ll see why I think these are just too cute. And the perfect little pick-me-up to anyone’s day 🙂

Poisson d'avril card, the version francaise of April Fool's

Break-up e-card, who knew breaking up could be so cute?!

Break up e-card, who knew breaking up could be so cute?

What more perfect way to end the post, les amis ?  Bon week-end a tous !

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