Spring sleeping

One of my most very favorite pastimes is sleep. I absolutely adore catching every second of shut-eye possible. Busy schedules and demanding jobs make getting enough of this activity more important than ever and my 5:30 a.m. daily wake up call requires it. I was amazed when retiring a half hour to hour earlier (10:30 rewound to 9:30) literally changed my mental state throughout each school day.

D and I go back and forth about this all the time. He’s a night owl and although I would not pick to rise as early as I must every day, I’m certainly a morning person. We’ve reached a mutual understanding that I require more sleep than he and no longer have little tiffs about me taking three to five naps per weekend, or him staying up later than I.

Recently, Β my favorite kind of sleep has come in the form of ten to twenty minute power-ups in the late afternoon. Television volume goes down or off, the front door remains open to allow the peaceful bird chirping soundtrack of the springtime to provide background music and a throw or two provide warmth from the sometimes chilly breeze of late spring days. Some say napping is bad, but these little power-ups are nothing but pleasant, energizing and peaceful, friends. The one I just finished energized me enough to write this post and take Riley on a much needed w-a-l-k.

Finally, here are a couple of tips that have worked wonders on my often fitful and stressed school-year sleeps ~

Flow to Sleep exercisesΒ ~ when I do these exercises inspired by Chinese medicine as intended and go straight to bed right after, I almost never wake up during the night.

Skipping the wine ~ I love having a glass of red wine after a long day but have discovered, especially as the week comes to a close, I don’t sleep nearly as well with a glass or two in me. I’m still working on cutting that out πŸ˜‰

Tea instead ~ A friend at work suggested rooibos tea, which is soothing to no end and probably a better nightcap during the week. I love all the Kusmi teas.

Night showers ~ some require them to wake up but I find the warmth is soothing and the perfect end to the day. Plus, the more minutes I can shave off my early morning routine, the better.

Being ready to go the night before ~ Mom, you were right. I always make sure my teacher bag is set, coffee ready to have the “on” button pushed and lunch made ready to grab out of the fridge. Knowing all those things are taken care of helps my crazy mind shut down easier when it’s time to sleep.

What do you to ensure peaceful nights?

6 thoughts on “Spring sleeping

  1. I agree! I’m a big believer in the super power of a short cat nap! It immediately restores my energy and beauty, too. Ha! My other favorite strategy: a run followed by a hot bath followed by a tall glass of wine. Enjoy the week! Theadora (There’s a new Kusmi Tea shop in Abbesses on 38, rue des Abbesses. There are now two tea shops in the hood.)

    • Yes, but really, i do think naps are great for complexions πŸ™‚ i’m working (reluctantly but surely) on incorporating the running back in! Do you ever go to the antoine and lili in montmartre? i used to love wandering through there!

  2. I love Antoine et Lili! The Abbesses location is my favorite. Sales staff is super nice! I’ve purchased a few little black dresses from them during the big sales. I still wear them! They create fantastical window displays. From time to time, I’ll buy a few leftover window display props from them. They love plastic. I also dig plastic! Enjoy the week! Theadora (What is your current shopping scene like these days?)

    • They really are such a fun store – explosions of color, bien sur ! My current shopping is mostly click throughs from pinterest, i’ve discovered so many great sites through them that i didn’t know about until i became scarily addicted to pinning πŸ˜‰ i’m always going back to Dorothy perkins and Shop le mode. other than that i always rely on anthropologie and jcrew when i need to get something quick! my faves in paris (during soldes only of course) included everything on rue du four, like le diab’less, tara jarmon and les petites. i looove too comptoir des cotonniers and petit bateau, so classic and french. what about you? what new boutiques have you happened on recently?

  3. Confession: I’m a Zara gal!! I’ve been obsessed with the Spanish chain since my very first visit at a little shop in Avignon! I’m now hooked. Especially during the big sales! I’m able to visit six to ten shops during the very first day. Oh, I have a map with target Zara shops. I always start on Boulevard Haussmann. Don’t ask me how many black dresses I own! I also adore Petit Bateau. Their black shirts (with a scoop neck!) are so soft. And classic. On the Independent designer side, I’ve recently discovered a row of interesting boutiques on rue d’Orsel, located near our beloved Antoine et Lili. Often, the designers can be spotted at their sewing machines! It’s great for the Abbesses hood! Theadora (While I lived in Baltimore, I shopped at J Crew and in Mount Washington. There’s a dreamy shoe shop. I can’t think of its name. . ._

    • I think we might be star-crossed style twins πŸ˜‰ i love zara, too! i discovered when i was studying abroad in college a bajillion years ago. at first i always popped into rue de reine, but then turned into more of a right banker and would mostly shop in the one on rue de rivoli. we have it in georgetown, but it’s just not the same in the States for some reason! funny you mention designers in abesses – i got an amazing one-of-a-kind creamy and gold wrap hoodie sweater years ago during the soldes. i love the story behind it πŸ™‚ when/how long did yo you live in baltimore?! hampden shopping is fun, too. double dutch and trohv are two of my fave stores there.

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