Monument hopping

Spring break has sprung! I’m not sure my teacher friends and I actually believed it would arrive, but it did, as promised, last Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. I think I might have danced out of the door, I was so excited.

The beginning of break was especially busy as I battled 301 south traffic to scurry home to Richmond. A friend and I had decided to “run” the Monument Ave 10k, with 40,000 participants, the nation’s largest race of its kind. I had run it a couple of times before but have not exactly been a faithful runner the past couple of years so was pretty skittish at the idea of 6.2 miles. However, friend and I figured, why not, and signed up in the jog/walk wave.

We couldn’t believe it when we finished in 75 minutes! We figure we walked a total of a mile out of all 6.2, not bad for very few training runs on both of our parts over the past month or so! Although (full disclosure people), the last thing I wanted to do Friday afternoon was be stuck in the car for four hours and get up early the very first day of my break, I of course ended up ecstatic that we set a goal, held ourselves to it and had some great gossipy girl talk time. Fun! And of course now I feel inspired to keep working out. Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy a spring time run on Richmond’s most famously beautiful and historic street? Check out these pics …







Monument Avenue is probably about 5 or so miles long total and is sprinkled every couple of blocks with Confederate war heros. The photo above is an aeriel view in fall-time looking down on Robert E. Lee’s monument.







Here you have JEB Stuart, the monument at the end of the avenue, before it transitions into W. Franklin Street. I love this circle’s churches (one you can see, the other not).





This last photo gives you a clearer idea of how wide the avenue is, and the types of architecture you’ll find there. The monuments, coupled with mostly cobble stone streets and beautiful old houses, make you feel slightly like you’re in another era (if you can ignore the plethora of cars, of course). And running wise, highly recommendable, as it’s almost completely flat. Do you have any spring break or, if you’re not a teacher spring-time, plans or health goals?

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