Happy Easter and Passover, les amis ! What will you do to celebrate? We are spending a quiet weekend among friends and family, and of course enjoying the fabulous weather. I’m excited about a new recipe we’ll try for our Easter feast (more on that later today) and also some last hours of relaxation and time in the sun before it’s back to normal on Tuesday. Here are some yummy springtime treats we’ve been enjoying this weekend ~

Vegan cupcakes from Richmond organic market, Ellwood Thompson’s. All the flavors I tasted were fabulous, but my favorite was definitely the strawberry, not a fake-y pink cake, but rich and satisfying with hunks of fresh berries inside. This little guy looks just like the yellow cakes we devoured yesterday.

And with consistently warmer weather, I’m moving away from red wines into rosés and whites. We enjoyed this affordable bottle, Printemps d’Eulalie (also purchased from ET’s), yesterday evening. It was the perfect rosé, more dry than fruity, and I think will go well with our Easter feast this afternoon.









What springtime treats have you discovered recently?


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