Salut les amis. Artsdevivre has not been aflutter with posts of late. Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling mentally drained in this very trying almost-end-of-school-year time educators and students find themselves in. Between all the springtime assemblies, tests and hurried unit-finishing, here are a couple of things that have brightened my life, in no specific order 🙂

I’m loving the cactus D and I picked up on a recent trip to Lowe’s for new gardening tools. I especially love the no-maintenance attitude of cacti. Best house plant around!

My mom picked up this cute sequin-y purse/tote for me from the Gap last weekend. Perfect size for shopping and/or going to school and class!

I know,  I know, it’s just shaving cream. However (cheap!) honey-mango cream from Trader Joe’s is amazing! A nice mild scent and not too fluffy.

The brightest spots in the past couple of weeks have definitely been the couple of times I’ve mustered up enough energy to cook for family. (More on all the amazing meals D cooks almost nightly coming soon. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’ll be guest posting with some of his great cooking suggestions, recipes and tips in the coming weeks. He has a great food tumblr! Check it out here.) Anyways, I had a last minute brunch Sunday and, feeling very France-homesick, decided to try out some traditional recipes. I found this simple recipe for potato-leek soup from David Lebovitz, former pastry chef at Chez Panisse and now Paris-inhabitant. It was easy to make, and is the perfect dish for our springtime CSA veggies!

I also made a traditional Quiche lorraine (with bacon and gruyère cheese). I made up for the bacon and cheese by going crustless. Yum! What have you been doing recently that’s brightened an another wise long work week?

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