Mother’s day feast

What did you all do with your mothers this weekend, les amis ? D and I invited my maman up to Baltimore for the weekend. We basically spent the weekend eating – Baltimore favorites like crabs and Berger cookies courtesy of D’s parents – and a big brunch chez nous today. I tried out a new cake recipe I found on Pinterest and did some quiches, too. Despite a messy start after our visit to the Farmer’s Market this morning ~

We were able to pull everything together for some really yummy (and pretty!) results ~

I wish I could take credit for this fabulous salmon spread with flowers on top, but we splurged at the market this morning. I actually thought it was goat cheese but was pleasantly surprised upon tasting at the salty goodness. I hypothesize it would be relatively simple to duplicate by mincing smoked salmon and mixing with cream cheese and some fresh herbs. I’m not sure I could impress the flower quite as perfectly as the vendor did, though.

I now feel comfortable with whipping up crustless quiches on my own! Here’s a quick and easy go-to recipe:

-5 to 6 eggs beaten, depending on amount of guests

-1 cup of milk, beaten in to eggs

-1/2 cup of heavy cream, beaten into eggs

-Whatever fillings you desire. Today I went with :

~Lorraine (bacon, gruyère cheese and chives)

~Asparagus, gruyère cheese and caramelized onions

~Smoked salmon, gruyère cheese and asparagus

All you need to remember is to grease the quiche pan a bit, spread ingredients on bottom of pan and then pour egg/milk/cream mixture on top. The fillings will float up to the top. Bake in the oven for 35 to 40 minutes at 350 degree Farenheit. (Until the egg is pulling away from the sides a bit and a bit brown on top.)

The lemonade cake recipe from Cooking Light  turned out fabulously. I sliced lemons to decorate the sides and plucked a bit of phlox from my garden for the top. You could increase the lemony-ness of the cake by upping the amount of lemonade concentrate added to the cake batter. The cream cheese frosting was frothy and yummy. Combined with a couple of mimosas or bloody maries, D’s London Broil on ciabatta bread and some fresh salad greens, we deemed the meal another success!

It only took about two hours of prep and cooking, not bad when including a homemade cake and cream cheese frosting. What good recipes have you tried and loved recently?

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