This sums up everything I need to say to my friend Clare over at C Squared W


If you’ve been snooping around Artsdevivre recently, you can’t have missed the renewed aesthetic and appeal. This is thanks in no part to moi. It is all Clare. Clare can do it all – she is an artiste, a teacher and now designer of blogs. She gave Artsdevivre a whole new look, patiently teaching and emailing with me about RSS feeds, sponsor swaps, pantone colors and a whole bunch of other terms and processes I wasn’t smart enough to figure out on my own. She managed to take my vaguely frustrated and definitely disjointed emails peppered with comments like “I’m really loving chevron these days” or “Why in the heck can’t I figure out how to link to my Pinterest on here” or “I’m obsessed with lavender”, and coalesce it all into one super-cute blog I barely even recognize!

What I am saying is, Clare is magnifique and definitely one to watch! Merci, Clare!

6 thoughts on “Merci

  1. Awwww, thanks Hil!!! I had so much fun working with you on this. You have great taste and an awesome blog, so it was easy to figure out what to do and how to beautify the already beautiful Artsdevivre! I’m excited for you to start summer break so you can enjoy yourself and have more blog time 🙂 I can’t wait to catch up when I return stateside!

  2. I dig the new look!! It suits the site. Bravo!! Summertime is the perfect time for cleaning. You’ve inspired me. Off to clean!! Theadora (Enjoy the weekend!)

    • Bravo to clare!!! have fun cleaning. oddly enough, i love it! you enjoy the weekend, too. are you still in new york or back in paree?

      • Well, congratulations to both of you! I think I’ll start with the site’s Facebook page. One cleaning step at a time. Your “artsdevivre” FB page is also looking pretty FAB! Cheers! T. (Again, thanks for the inspiration.)

      • thanks for supporting artsdevivre 🙂 can’t wait to see how more people places and bling!

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