Memorial day weekend feasting

One reason D and I get along so well is our shared of love of food and drink. We love trying out or inventing new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen. I told you all a little bit about our attempts to eat as much local and organic as possible, which means we haven’t eaten tomatoes in months and are really loving switching from hardcore field spinach and kale greens to delicate baby spinach and arugula. The Baltimore Farmer’s market has been open for about two months now and we are gorging on fresh asparagus and impossibly sweet strawberries. (Well, I’m eating strawberries. D doesn’t eat fruit. It’s totally bizarre.)  Between drinks with friends and browsing the antique shops in Hampden this weekend (more on that later this week), we’ve made some super yummy meals and snacks ~

Officially  my favorite summer meal, we gnoshed on a shrimp boil on Saturday and Sunday night (leftovers yesterday). This was so easy to do, I’ll admit D did the lion’s share of the work, but all he had to do was throw together aluminum foil packets of shrimp, cut up some potatoes and onions, throw in a cob of corn and then season liberally with Baltimore’s favorite spice, Old Bay. Maybe it was the freezing cold white wine, maybe it was not having eaten corn in a year, but this was so GOOD. Plus, clean up was a cinch, wrapping up the foil and taking straight to the trash can. Almost no dishes!

Since our trip the farmer’s market yesterday morning, I haven’t stopped munching on these perfectly sweet strawberries. They’re almost gone less than twenty-four hours later :/ I enjoyed them as a late afternoon snack and D opted for sheep’s milk cheese with pinot grigio sausage.

No, you can’t eat peonies, but I love these flowers so much and eagerly await these couple of weeks every year so I can feast my eyes, if not my tummy, on them. As usual, they are taking their time opening. I’m sure when I get home from work tomorrow, I’ll be shocked at how much they will have bloomed.

Tonight, we are trying a new recipe from Pinterest. I had to giggle when I clicked on the link for Prosciutto wrapped chicken in pesto sauce. You’ll see why when you do, too. In typical fashion, we’ll wing it. Mostly, I’m just excited to eat fresh basil from my herb garden! Bon appetit et bisous.


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