Easy tips to get the best omelette

As usual, D has made my birthday especially special. To celebrate the big 3-0, I was kidnapped to a surprise beach trip earlier in the week and am now enjoying some time with family at home in Richmond. What with all these thoughtful surprises, I wanted to return the favor so I made us a nice omelette breakfast after my morning run:

I’m an egg kind of girl – I like ’em any which way – poached, soft-boiled, fried or scrambled. I do feel however, that they are rather finicky to prepare. I had all but given up on cooking omelettes because they always ended up looking more like scrambled messes than the fluffy concoction I was going for. Luckily, I’ve figured out some tricks. Herewith are my tips to cooking a successful omelette. (If you find them difficult like I did. If not, let me know what your tricks and tips are!):

-Use only a bit of olive oil in the pan (2 counts, about 1 tablespoon). I find it works much better than butter.

-Use medium to medium-high heat. I was impatient before and would try to cook them on high heat with consistently poor results.

-Use no more than two eggs. Two egg omelettes allow the flavor of the fillings to come through rather than just an overpowering egg coat. I think too many breakfast places use many more than two eggs, making the omelette way too heavy.

-Slightly pull up a side of the omelette and tilt the pan to allow the uncooked egg to slide under. I used to try and flip the whole eggy mess, thereby making an unintended scramble.

-Add in your chosen fillings (today we had avocado, bacon, onions, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese) when the omelette is cooked almost through. Then turn down heat so as not to burn the eggs but still allowing cheese to melt.

-I’m still mastering transferring the omelette from the pan to the plate. Inevitably I lose ingredients en route and so like to display escaped ones prettily on top as a kind of preview as to which flavors await.

What is your favorite omelette?

4 thoughts on “Easy tips to get the best omelette

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