Help in choosing paint colors

One of the things (don’t make fun) that D and I had a hard time coming to a consensus on in our household was paint colors. D loves loud colors and so I do, but not on my walls. I’d like for my walls to serve as the palette for funky pillows ~

eclectic plates ~

image via {here}

lamps that pop ~

lamp via {here}

or other awesome artifacts ~

via {here}.

These days I spend so much time clicking through on Pinterest and Tumblr, I rarely pick up an actual magazine. I’m fighting hard not to get an e-reader, but have joyfully discarded the clutter that magazines and newspapers can bring into any space. So when I picked up the latest issue of Real Simple yesterday, I didn’t expect to find much that I hadn’t already seen. I’m getting to the point about the paint color controversy, promise. I found myself super interested in a website they recommended called letschipit  by Sherwin Williams.

Do you know it already? The premise is amazing! Basically, you can upload any picture (painting, collage, photograph, well-known or not) and the site will recommend a range of colors to paint the painting’s, collage’s or photograph’s host room. I had to tear myself away after about a half an hour of just playing around this morning. Here are couple I did ~

You can create different folders and go back as you need inspiration or happen upon some artwork you’d like to use at home or elsewhere. The great painting saga in our house will recommence next week once I’m finally home for an extended period of time, and I can’t wait to use the site as help in guiding the color choices in our room and office. Did you already know about letschipit? What colors have you discovered there or elsewhere?

4 thoughts on “Help in choosing paint colors

  1. I saw this but hadn’t checked it out yet…here comes another obsession. I’m currently loving the grays in the last one :)….we have some painting going on in our house as well…updates and new paint jobs! Xoxo

  2. Coolio!! Yes, hello, new obsession!! I’m now off to check out the letschipit website. I love it. Maybe I’ll “Chip” my cat! T. (Good luck with the selection of the paint colors. What about the bright “one wall” strategy? And speaking of color, I usually wear black. This summer, I purchased “statement” trousers in green and tangerine. My husband didn’t recognize me!)

    • yes! loving all the bright colors recently! nothing better than an excuse to pair hot pink and yellow 😉 hope the weather in paris is brightening!!

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