Ann arbor art fair

Last summer was occupied with 2 weeks of la dolce vita in Italy, but this summer is a series of mini-trips to South Carolina where I taught French at my alma mater for two weeks and then party hardied with girl friends at a bachelorette in Folley Beach. Now I’m in Ann Arbor, Michigan, visiting my fabulous almost year and a half year old niece, my sister in law and my brother. I knew zero about Michigan before they moved here but let me tell you, this is a great state! Over the past several years, we’ve had many great meals here,

(I have yet to discover an establishment of which I am as enamored as Zingerman’s in downtown Ann Arbor)

strolled the streets of the quaint downtown area,


and enjoyed some less humid heat than we endure on the East Coast at this time of year. Of course, U of M sporting events are always a highlight, too đŸ™‚

It’s so fun to discover things we never would have otherwise, like the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I breezed through yesterday on my way to (I kid you not) the best sale I’ve ever seen in my life at Urban Outfitters. Maman and I are about to head back over to check out the hundreds (thousands?) of vendors at the fair, which won #1 Art Fair in the nation in 2004. It attracts over 500,00 attendees every year!


Who knew?! Even after my brief walk through yesterday, I’d already recommend this as a great mini-cation for anyone in proximity to the area. I’ll post pictures next week, but until then, bon week-end, les amis !

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