Art fair photos

Following some delayed flights and a less than necessary transfer flight in Chicago, Maman and I made it back to Charm City late Monday evening. Yesterday was filled with unpacking, spending time with our menagerie of animals and catching up on sleep. I did snap some pics during our four hour long stroll through the Ann Arbor Art Fair last Friday. You’ll have to excuse the quality since I only had my blackberry to shoot with. We window shopped the hundreds of vendors, who sold various baubles like these repurposed bracelets made from street signs ~

this beautiful flora (fashioned from clay!) ~

and stunning photography ~


Clearly, I had nothing to do with this photograph! We chatted with award-winning photographer Greg Davis, whose travels all over the world have produced portraits, landscapes and detailed photos like the example above.

Although I didn’t end up purchasing any art this year, I did snap up these neon yellow Toms ~

on sale at the outdoorsy store Bivouac. My feet were very thankful after too many hours in flat sandals with zero support. Yes, I wore them out of the store. We braked after a couple of hours with a treat of key lime and vanilla frozen yogurt from Afternoon Delight cafe ~

Exhausted and ready to go home, we happened upon this beautiful passageway where local high school musicians were providing a free concert of classical music ~

It’s amazing how reminiscent it is of this one in Paris ~

It must have been the official art fair weekend, since I discovered upon my return home that I had missed Baltimore’s Artscape, which ranks #1 largest (free) art fair to Ann Arbor’s #3. What free summer time activities do you enjoy?

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