Easy DIY doormats

Truly simple DIYs are few and far between. For example, I’m still putting off the touchups on my dresser inspired by this pin ~


All you have to do is pick a paint swatch and paint each drawer the progressively darker color. Simple in theory, but I didn’t think about: 1. priming the dresser or 2. the dresser’s “skeleton” when I pull the drawers out … which, despite all my attempts to will them into being painted, remain an unattractive unfinished old wood color. Add it to my long list of painting duties. *Sigh*

Obviously doing something well always takes more time than we think. This, pin, however, really is as simple as it looks ~


These are just those plain old black rubber doormats spray painted fun colors. We had to buy a new lawn mower last night (bo-ring) so I took advantage of the Lowe’s trip to snap up a half-moon shaped doormat for $14.98 and (much to D’s chagrin) a hot pink can of Valspar spray paint (round abouts $4). I spent less than 10 minutes total spraying that puppy and here’s the finished product ~

Cute, n’est-ce pas ?! It really was as simple as it looked. The only thing I would caution you against when you paint yours is to put a sheet or tarp of some sort down: little blades of grass got stuck in mine so (shockingly enough), I’ll be doing a bit of touching up.

Bon week-end a tous !


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