Coffee table makeover

So I never really know what to do with my coffee table. It ends up as an impromptu dining table most evenings, desk during the summerdays and bed for the girls (my cats, Lily and Minnow) all days. Hmm. Less than optimal. My least favorite thing is how it morphs into a catchall for unopened mail, glasses of water and whatever else D or I happen to have in our hands upon entering the salon.

Amidst the endless hours I’ve spent on blogs this summer, I stumbled upon an idea that was totally new to me. I feel terrible because I forgot to bookmark the page and give this lovely lady credit. But here it is ~

I loved creating this collage of coffee table books, my atlas and various other photo and memory albums. Now they are no longer stuck in the corner gathering dust, the girls haven’t attempted to cozy up once and I’m hoping I’ll be more motivated to actually use the spare room we converted into an office last spring. (More on that next week.)

How do you use your coffee table? More artistically or practically? Thoughts?

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