Ricotta cheese

When summer is here (it is, has been, and seems it will always be, here :/), I’m always on the lookout for ways to lighten up meals. My two buzzword phrases are “I’m hungry” or “I’m sleepy” though and because of the former, I can’t just skip meals like some do when it’s really hot. On top of training for a notoriously hilly 10 mile race (please! just get here, already!), I’ve got to be sure I’m providing my poor muscles with enough protein.

My favorite new re-discovery is ricotta cheese. D and I enjoyed a mini-block of this creamy mild cheese drizzled with honey as an antipasti during our first dinner in Italy last summer. It was so yummy we vowed we’d incorporate it into our meals at home but we didn’t, really. I’d always think about it after I had purchased cream cheese, would make a mental note to do the switch the next shopping trip, but then just forget all over again. This yummy looking pin, however, reminded me how yummy and refreshing ricotta is,


and the past couple of weeks I’ve been incorporating it into everything. Did you know you can save up to 109 calories by substituting cream cheese with ricotta on your bagel?! An easy switch and one that won’t leave you feeling deprived at all. ~

A honey whole wheat bagel with ricotta and sliced bananas stuck with me for hours and recharged me well after a long, hot run.

D opted for a ricotta on a sea-salt bagel. Drizzled with honey, it was the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Out of mayonnaise and not feeling like going to the store, I substituted ricotta as the base in a French onion dip recently. YUM! Talk about a healthy exchange, n’est-ce pas ?

I took a mixture of traditional pigs in a blanket (not healthy, but just so good) and crescent rolls baked with a nutella and ricotta filling to a (very hot) tailgate recently. So good. 

What healthy treats have you been enjoying this summer?



2 thoughts on “Ricotta cheese

  1. Well, I now have an appetizer idea for a dinner I’m attending in four hours. Thank you thank you thank you…

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