New york new york

How can you not love New York? All within 48 hours this past weekend, we …

… strolled through Central Park (albeit on a very *hot* day) …


… discovered a fabulous brunch spot in the West Village …
(where we ate the mother of all sausage biscuits (D) and a truffle oil and goat cheese omelette (me). *Oh yeah and we also ran into Susan Sarandon on our way out.*)

… We also rekindled my love for French clothing at Comptoir des cotonniers

… and discovered a fabulous bookstore with 1000s of French, Spanish and Italian titles …

(I picked up the World War II novel Suite française, which I’ve been looking for in French for ages.)

… ate a delicious French dinner at AOC (also in the West Village) …

(Fitting since we were meeting several friends from my old job in Paris.)

… and then finished off the weekend with friends in Hoboken. We ate brunch at a cute place (I can’t remember the name?) and then strolled along the pier …


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