Easy kir royale recipe

My preferred drink in the summer time is most certainly a kir royale.

Have you had one before? They are delicious, the perfect mixture of cassis (blackberry liqueur) and champagne. You can also drink a kir, which is just the same as a kir royale, but white wine stands in for champagne.  Should you choose to be democratic rather than monarchic in your choice of drink, opt for a dry, white Bordeaux to offset your liqueur. Of course you can always change the type of liqueur you opt for, as well.

I took to drinking kirs (royal and otherwise) during my Paris years and am always ecstatic when I happen upon bars and restaurants in the Baltimore area that serve them. I’m thinking I’d like to start making them at home. They are super easy. Here’s a recipe I found via this website,

~Add 3 parts chilled champagne
~To 1 part cassis
~Be sure you add the cassis first, then the champagne (or wine if you’re not in the mood for bubbly)

Très facile, non? Of course you can change the amounts of cassis to champagne according to your preference – I prefer mine light on cassis and heavy on champagne. But then, I love champagne 😉 I was also interested to learn that the kir is named for a certain Cannon Félix Kir, a priest and hero of the French resistance during World War II. C’est beau, non?

What’s your favorite summertime drink?


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