Sky traveling

It’s amazing what a difference a (couple) of days will make. The black cloud following our household around seems to be shoo-ing as I type. I’ve found some new recipes that I’m sure have accurate timing. I found a slipcover I’m hopeful about. It’s gray! That’s what I wanted in the first place! No scary bugs have been spotted. And obviously most importantly (those other mini-episodes were just annoyances), D and I are devising a plan to accomplish the home improvements we need.

Today, I’ve mostly been running around accomplishing the odds and ends that aren’t as simple to do during the school year. As I’ve scurried from place to place, I’ve been amazed by our absolutely beautiful weather, a rare treat during East Coast summers, certainly. Sometimes pictures of the sky will fib, convincing you the weather is far more beautiful than it is in reality. This one, however, is telling the whole truth ~

The sun is shining perfectly with some peaceful clouds scooting across the sky. You can’t feel the gentle breeze Riley and I enjoyed on our *jaunt*, but it is there. (We can’t say W.A.L.K. out loud in his presence 😉 ) It’s so beautiful and making me reminiscent of other beautiful blue skies from some of my travels.

Like this one on the Canal St Martin in Paris ~
You can feel the chill in the air from the wintery trees and those fluffy grey clouds menacing the city.

Or this peaceful one from the courtyard of my studio in the Marais ~
You’re correct if you think this is warmer weather than the former. All those green leaves will give it away 😉

Or this beauty in Pompeii ~
If you guessed it was super hot due to the lack of clouds, you’re RIGHT!

Or this one in Thailand ~

My travels to Thailand seem like a lifetime ago, but the dramatic land and city scapes will stay with me for many more years. I certainly cannot take credit for this photo. Beautiful, no?

What images have stayed with you from your travels?



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