Some fave french singers …

After Spanish I this afternoon, one of my colleague’s computer’s had some great French tunes floating around the office. It got me to day-dreaming about my favorite Francophone (French-speaking but not necessarily from la belle France for those of us who haven’t taken a French class in a while) crooners …

… like moody and  controversial (French) Serge Gainsbourg

… I love his lyrics full of plays on words and double entendres

… or the dramatic (Belgian) Jacques Brel ..

… or the young and poetic (French, son of an Argentine mother and Russian-Moroccan father) Raphael …


… look at these yeux bleus … !

… or (Rwandan, but lives in Québec, now) Corneille


… whose family escaped from Rwanda in the 1990s during the war there.

These are just a couple of my favorites. Herewith, some links to my favorite tubes (songs) of each chanteur.

3 thoughts on “Some fave french singers …

    • merci! for some reason, i was being sexist and was only including chanteurs. you’ve inspired me to do a chanteuse version this thursday 🙂 and well, tino, i just shouldn’t have left him out!

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